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What are the issues beyond the immediate control of corporate management that constitute the set of threats and opportunities to companies operating in Japan? Critical issues include formal and informal effects of legislation and regulations, public policy including budgeting priorities, and other matters. A critical factor is the role of key Japanese influencers who can powerfully impact debate outcomes. In Japan, it is all to easy for non-Japanese players to become confronted with an adverse fait accompli, where local players are already seemingly aligned, which in turn highlights the importance of identifying key issues early, assessing the business risks, engaging in the debate, and optimizing the opportunities through an effective issues management program.

Pacific Communicators helps clients anticipate and respond to emerging trends in Japan's
socio-political environment:

  • Issues research and framing

  • Key influencer benchmarking

  • Issues management action plans

  • Development of alternative scenarios

  • Stakeholder engagement

  • Public affairs

  • Traditional and social media outreach

  • Coalition building / third-party advocacy

  • Key issue white papers, editorials, and advertising

  • Evaluation / measurement of outcomes

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