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Basic Policy for Personal Information Protection

Pacific Communicators, Inc. uses support programs for management and communications to assist companies in achieving growth and innovation. Customer information is the basis for all our business activities. Furthermore, we understand that protecting personal information and implementing associated security measures are important social obligations. Based on this awareness of the importance of protecting personal information, along with the associated social obligations, we are dedicated to ensuring that our executives and employees manage and handle this information properly.

  1. Compliance program
    Pacific Communicators is committed to making executives and employees well aware of the importance and our social responsibilities of protecting personal information so that this information is always managed properly. We have established a compliance program that conforms to "Requirements for compliance program on personal information protection" (JIS Q 15001). Executives and employees must observe these guidelines as well as implement, maintain, and supervise the necessary actions.


  2. Collection of personal information
    When collecting personal information, we will always clearly explain the purpose of collecting the information and use the information only for the designated purpose. Personal information will not be shared with third parties without the consent of each individual.


  3. Management of personal information
    We are aware of the risk of leaks, losses, and unauthorized alterations involving personal information and have established internal rules and security measures aimed at preventing these problems.


  4. Compliance with laws, regulations, and ethical standards
    We will comply with laws and regulations as well as ethical standards associated with the handling of personal information.


  5. Handling of personal information on the website
    We will not share personal information of customers with a third party, other than an affiliated company or company to which we outsource operations, without the consent of each customer. However, we may disclose personal information without this consent when required by law or when a demand for this information is received from a court of law, police department, or other government institution.


  6. Website management
    We have a manager who is responsible for ensuring that the personal information of customers is handled properly and strictly in accordance with all guidelines. We protect this information by implementing suitable safety measures at a reasonable level in order to prevent leaks, unauthorized external access, and other problems from occurring. Access to databases and other locations where personal information is stored is strictly restricted to authorized individuals in order to prevent the improper internal use of this information.

    We outsource some tasks involving the management of personal information for the purpose of upgrading the management of this information. Companies that provide these outsourced services as well are required to manage this information properly to prevent leaks, unauthorized access, and other problems.

Basic Policy regarding Anti-Social Forces

Pacific Communicators refuses to have any relationship whatsoever with anti-social forces in accordance with the following policy for the purpose of preventing damage or losses resulting from these forces.

  1. Organizational response
    Our entire organization will take the actions needed with regard to anti-social forces that threaten social order and public safety.


  2. Cooperation with external agencies and individuals
    We will maintain close cooperative relationships with the police, attorneys, and other agencies and individuals in order to resist improper demands from anti-social forces.


  3. Rejection of all relationships, including business activities
    We will refuse to have any relationship whatsoever with anti-social forces, including business activities, and will reject all improper demands from anti-social forces.


  4. Civil and criminal legal action in response to an incident
    When we are subject to an improper demand from an anti-social force, such as a complaint or consultation that is actually a form of pressure to act in a certain manner, we will respond by using both civil and criminal legal action.


  5. No secret transactions or provision of funds
    We will never engage in secret or other so-called "backroom deals" in order to provide funds to anti-social forces or conceal any problems with anti-social forces.

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